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Article and video: Alexander Rybak at the charity presentation of his new video in Vitebsk, Belarus

The article published on 11.07.2014 on

Author: Karina Shlapakova. 

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.


Alexander Rybak at the presentation of his new video in Vitebsk

On July 11 a charity presentation of the animated movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ attached to the release of the new video of Alexander Rybak took place in Vitebsk .

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July 12, 2014 14:21 UTC
Author: zhanna
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Article: Interview with Alexander Rybak in the Russian weekly magazine “OK!”, 03.07.2014

Published on 03.07.2014 in the issue No. 27 (395)

Also available online here.

Author: Vadim Vernik. Photo: Vanja Berezkin.

Translation by Valeriya Platonova, Zhanna Sergueeva and Maria Solntseva. English revision by Anni Jowett.


A Stranger

Moscow. The end of June. It is + 10 C on the street. Alexander Rybak came to the meeting in a thin T-shirt. “We had snow in Norway two weeks ago, so I am used to the cold”. He has also got used to the constant attention which falls on him after winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Since then five years have passed and Alexander has written a lot of songs and travelled to almost 70 countries. And now he is reaping the benefits of his success – Rybak is the composer of A soundtrack on the popular Hollywood cartoon “How to Train Dragon 2″, and can be proud of it!

Sasha, how did it happen that you entered into Hollywood so elegantly? Did the producers invite you?
Nobody invited me. I just wrote a song and realised that it is perfect for the animation. I’ve worked on the first and second parts of the animation for Norway (main hero Hiccup speaks with voice of Alexander). At my own expense I rented a studio, recorded the melody and sent it to the company “DreamWorks” although only 2.5 months remained prior to the international release of the animation. I knew that I had little chance, they may not even want to hear my song. Especially the Americans, it means nothing to them. And suddenly the answer is: “Of course, Alexander, we know who you are”. I was delighted, although they also wrote that everything was ready, and there was no need for the song, but they certainly will listen my melody. I decided not to wait for the outcome, I was just happy and considered it like a personal victory – the main thing I took a chance. However, after a week and a half they called me and said that the composition is very nice, and in spite of the late terms, they want to use the song. In the end I felt happy, and my song plays in the final credits of the animation. In some countries it is released on the soundtrack disc. The compositions of John Powell are gathered there, and my song is the last track. (more…)

July 8, 2014 21:23 UTC
Author: zhanna
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Article: Interview with Alexander Rybak about his music video Into A Fantasy on Russian website, 24.06.2014

Article published on RIA.RU on 24.06.2014

Author: Anna Gorbashova. Photo: Michael Fomichev

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English Revision by Anni Jowett.


Alexander Rybak: Music video “Into a Fantasy” is about friendship and mutual understanding

The correspondent of “RIA Novosti” Anna Gorbashova spoke with the musician, who visited the capital during the promo tour of the video for the song “Into a Fantasy”, about music, “New Maidan”, politics and Conchita Wurst.

The winner of “Eurovision-2009″, violinist, composer and singer Alexander Rybak is the author of the soundtrack “Into a Fantasy” for the second part of the popular animated film “How to Train Your Dragon”, released in cinemas in Russia on 12thJune . The correspondent of “RIA Novosti” Anna Gorbashova spoke with the musician, who visited the capital during the promo tour of the video for the song “Into a Fantasy”, about music, “New Maidan”, politics and Conchita Wurst. (more…)

June 27, 2014 12:57 UTC
Author: zhanna
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Video: Alexander Rybak in Conference on KP 18.06.2014

Recording by Julia B. English translation by Rozalia Muzhaeva.
English revision by Anni J. Subs by Sonya L.

June 23, 2014 7:00 UTC
Author: lourdesbm
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Alexander Rybak with workshop in the MusikRum Festival, Vesteräs 22.05.14

Photo: Erik Mårtensson/Scanpix
Author: Åsa Johansson
Published: 22.05.14
Translation by: Tessa Lande. Revised by: Anni Jowett


A Eurovision celebrity in Västerås. Alexander Rybak is known for his enthusiastic fiddling, but also for his teaching interest.

This weekend, 2,000 children and young people are going to play, dance and sing together in Vesterås.

A certain fiddler Alexander Rybak is a sticky draw, says Karin Heintz, the project manager for this year’s Musikrumfestival in Västerås.


May 28, 2014 6:49 UTC
Author: lourdesbm
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Alexander Rybak shoots new video music “Into A Fantasy” in Vestkapp 19.05.14

Video about the shooting of new music video., 20.05.2014

Uploaded by Venche M. English translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak was never in any doubt about where he was going to shoot his new music video.

Article published on NRK.on on 19.05.14
Photo and author: Silje Bårstad

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Tessa Lande. Revision by Anni Jowett.

When Alexander Rybak was going to shoot his biggest music video so far for the single “Into A Fantasy”, he was never in any doubt about where. Namely at Vestkapp at Stad in Selje municipality.

- Everytime I am in this natural environment, I come up with something new and write new music,- says Rybak.

For example the Eurovision hit “Fairytale” was made when he visited Ålesund, and the song he won the “Kjempesjansen” with, was also written only a stones throw from Vestkapp.

- It’s a 100 percent beautiful nature here, with changing weather, soft beaches, deep valleys and exposed mountain tops. It’s something that awakens the versatility in me, says Rybak enthusiastically.

At the harsh Stadplatået there is for once no wind. The sky is blue and it is a clear view to Svinøy Lighthouse and south to Bremanger.


May 22, 2014 1:48 UTC
Author: lourdesbm
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