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Archive for July 2nd, 2011

Alexander Rybak at «Allsang på Grensen», TV2 Norway, 29 June 2011

Alexander was the co-host of the show «Allsang på Grensen». Recordings occurred on Wednesday, 29 June. It was aired on the next day. He also performed solo and in duet with Mats Paulson and Didrik Solli Tangen. All the parts can be seen here.

Recorded by May Elisabeth. English translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subs by Julia B. 

July 2, 2011 16:41 UTC
Author: Yannis
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Article about Alexander RYbak in “Her & Nå”. 28.06.11


Article found, and translated by Veronica Nord. Pictures scanned by Susanne Berlin.

During the whole summer “Her & Nå” will challenge celebrities: Who sets up a deck chair the fastest? First out is the artist Alexander Rybak. Time: 25.5 seconds….

Journalist : Hans Petter Treider
Photos : Morten Bendiksen


Good manners were close to cost Rybak his life. So polite that he nearly drowned.


AR was very very polite already as a child. Even one time he was about to drown, he called for help by discreetly gurgling “excuse me ….excuse me”.

- How long can you sit in a deck chair before you get restless, AR?

- If there is not sunny, I can manage 5 hours just fine. If the sun is shining, then it won’t be more than one minute.

- For most others it is vice versa …

- I have never been interested in nice weather. The worst way to wake up, is when the sun is baking through the bedroom window. No, give me rather rain!


July 2, 2011 13:23 UTC
Author: Julia
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